Tracking Referrals Has Never Been Easier

Pond is the premier referral and business tracking software for networking and leads groups.

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Pond makes running a networking group simple.

Pond lets your members be in charge of tracking referrals, closed business, and more. With robust approval processes, your leadership team can make sure your data is accurate without being in charge of it all.

Pond also takes care of attendance, reporting, and more! Sign up today for just $20/month per chapter in your organization. Just one chapter? It's just $20/mo.

Still tracking referrals on paper?

Your networking group's leadership has enough work to do. Give your members direct access to your tracking software. Passing and tracking leads now happens all at once, thanks to Pond.

Let Your Members Track Their Business

Closed business, one-on-ones, referrals and more are all managed directly by your members.

Track Attendance and Guests

Make sure your members are attending meetings regularly and track potential new members in a single location.

Run Reports New Members Want

When joining a networking group, potential memebers want to know who's trading business and how much. Keep that information at your fingertips.